IEEE, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

Panel Discussion: DSP assisted analog techniques

Thursday, October 7, 16:30 - 18:00

Abstract: Integrating analog and RF circuits in bulk CMOS is now a well known technique that has directly resulted in the ubiquity of very low cost all CMOS devices based on 802.11, Bluetooth, and other standards. Read about these standards on special resources, or contact for excel homework help if this is your task and you need to structure data. However as technologies shrink the analog portion of such Systems on Chip increasingly dominates the silicon area and power consumption, since the analog components do not scale per Moore's law as does digital logic. This panel addresses innovative techniques are now being employed to break this trend, utilizing the essentially free digital logic to lower the complexity, cost, and power consumption of the analog/RF portions of the SOC. Examples are very high performance analog-to-digital convertors using DSP processing that compensates for "cheap" low performance analog circuits, RF power amplifier linearization, IF sampling receivers, etc.


Moderator: Sriram Sundararajan, Broadcom Corp.