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Organizing Committee

The committee tries to promote the development of workshops and help beginners follow all the rules and requirements, for example, encourages the use of

General Co-Chairs

Shuvra Bhattacharyya
(University of Maryland)
Scientific work: "Ethical Signal Processing: Navigating Privacy, Bias, and Transparency in the Digital Age"
Jorn Janneck

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Yen-Kuang Chen
An-Yeu Wu
(National Taiwan University)

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs

Sankalita Saha
Sylvia N'Guessan

Industry Liaison Chair

Sundararajan Sriram

Publications Chair

Sankalita Saha

Technical Program Committee

W. Badawy
M. Bavoumi
M. Berekovic
S. S. Bhattacharyya
R. Blazquez
B. Bougard
E. Boutillon
C. Chakrabarti
H.-H. Chang
T. S. Chang
L.-G. Chen
Y.-K. Chen
S.-Y. Chien
C.-T. Chiu
M. Deisher
S. Do
B. Evans
J. Fritts
G. G. Lee
W. Gross
J.-N. Hwang
M. Ibrahim
K. Konstantinides
I. Kuroda
G. Lafruit
D. W. Lin
N. Ling
E. Manolakos
M. Mansour
M. Mattavelli
V. Narayanan
T. Ogunfunmi
J.-C. Olivo-Marin
V. Paliouras
W.-H. Peng
P. Raghavan
M. Raulet
S. Saha
J. Sanches
M. Schulte
G. Seetharaman
S. Sriram
V. Sundararajan
W. Sung
M. Sunwoo
J. Takala
C. Taylor
I. Verbauwhede
Z. Wang
J. Wen
R. Woods
A.-Y. Wu
Z. Yan
X. Yang
T. Zhang
X. Zhang