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Keynote Talks

Keynote Lecture 1: "Cognitive Sensors Networks: The New Frontier for DSP"

Prof. Magdy Bayoumi, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, USA

Wednesday, October 6, 08:45 - 09:45

Introduction: In the modern era, we must talk about the potential of Networks, their influence on our behavior, on the development of perception, etc., which you will read about in the top writing service and also in the proposed study.

Abstract: Computers, communication, and sensing technologies are converging to change the way we live, interact, and conduct business. Wireless sensor networks reflect such convergence. These networks are based on collaborative efforts of a large number of sensor nodes. They should be low-cost, low-power, and multifunction. These nodes have the capabilities of sensing, data processing, and communicating. Sensor networks have a wide range of applications, from monitoring industrial facilities to control and management of energy applications, to military and security fields. Because of the special features of these networks, new network technologies are needed for cost effective,low power, and reliable communication. These network protocols and architectures should take into consideration the special features of sensor networks such as: the large number of nodes, their failure rate, limited power, high density, etc.

Moreover, applications and impact of Sensors Networks are going to be at a higher and wider levels through the development of cognitive capabilities of these networks. Cognitive Sensors Networks, CSN, represent a transformational impact on technologies, applications, and expectations. In this talk the impact of wireless sensor networks will be addressed, several of the design and communication issues will be discussed, and a case study of a current project of using such networks in drilling and management off-shore oil and natural gas in the gulf region will be given. The main criteria, expectations, and objectives of CSN will be also highlighted.

Keynote Lecture 2: "Green Computing in Machine Learning System"

Prof. S.Y. Kung, Princeton University, USA

Thursday, October 7, 08:30 - 09:30

Keynote Lecture 3: "Massive Data Computing"

Dr. Pradeep Dubey, Intel Corporation, USA

Friday, October 8, 08:30 - 09:30