General Co-Chairs

Shuvra Bhattacharyya
(University of Maryland)
Jorn Janneck

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Yen-Kuang Chen
An-Yeu Wu
(National Taiwan University)

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs

Sankalita Saha
Sylvia N'Guessan

Industry Liaison Chair

Sundararajan Sriram

Publications Chair

Sankalita Saha

Technical Program Committee

W. Badawy
M. Bavoumi
M. Berekovic
S. S. Bhattacharyya
R. Blazquez
B. Bougard
E. Boutillon
C. Chakrabarti
H.-H. Chang
T. S. Chang
L.-G. Chen
Y.-K. Chen
S.-Y. Chien
C.-T. Chiu
S. Do
B. Evans
J. Fritts
G. G. Lee
W. Gross
J.-N. Hwang
M. Ibrahim
K. Konstantinides
I. Kuroda
G. Lafruit
D. W. Lin
N. Ling
E. Manolakos

M. Mansour
M. Mattavelli
V. Narayanan
T. Ogunfunmi
J.-C. Olivo-Marin
V. Paliouras
W.-H. Peng
P. Raghavan
M. Raulet
S. Saha
J. Sanches
M. Schulte
G. Seetharaman
S. Sriram
V. Sundararajan
W. Sung
M. Sunwoo
J. Takala
C. Taylor
I. Verbauwhede
Z. Wang
J. Wen
R. Woods
A.-Y. Wu
Z. Yan
X. Yang
T. Zhang
X. Zhang

Sponsored by:

IEEE Signal Processing Society

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

2010 IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems

October 6-8, 2010, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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SiPS is a major international forum for discussion of new technology progress and innovations in the design and implementation of digital signal processing systems. The workshop program will include keynote speeches; contributed papers; and oral and poster sessions. Prospective authors are invited to submit manuscripts on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Optimization of Signal Processing Algorithms and Architectures
    • Optimization of signal processing algorithms
    • Compilers and tools for signal processing system design
    • Algorithm transformation and algorithm-to-architecture mapping
  • Software Based Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
    • Programmable digital signal processor architecture and systems
    • Application specific instruction-set processor (ASIP) architecture and systems
    • SIMD, VLIW, and multi-core CPU architecture and systems
    • Graphic processing unit (GPU) based massively parallel implementation
  • VLSI Based Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
    • Low-power signal processing circuits and applications
    • High performance VLSI systems
    • FPGA and reconfigurable architecture based systems
    • System-on-chip and network-on-chip
  • Signal Processing Application Systems
    • Audio, speech and language processing
    • Biomedical signal processing and bioinformatics
    • Image, video and multimedia signal processing
    • Information forensics, security and cryptography
    • Machine learning for signal processing
    • Sensing and sensor signal processing
    • Wireless communications and networking

In 2010, SiPS’s special theme is on “Bio-medical Signal Processing Systems.” In-depth understanding of biological systems requires both to quantify in a robust and systematic manner their spatiotemporal characteristics and to model the complex signaling networks that regulate the cellular interplay of proteins and gene expression. We will feature a special session on “Bioimaging and Bioinformatics,” which will present some recent advances in the fields of bioimaging and bioinformatics that have provided new methods and insights into the inner working of cells.

The workshop will include keynote speeches by

  • Prof. Ed Deprettere from Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • Prof. SY Kung from Princeton University, USA

Furthermore, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to famous academic institutions and numerous high-tech companies. SiPS 2010 will feature a number of Silicon Valley related events, including a special kind of excursion—visiting the relevant companies in the area, e.g., Cisco, HP, and so on, and panel discussions with the local academic/industrial attendees and venture capitalists.

The conference proceedings will be published by IEEE. Moreover, for the best papers, we are organizing a special issue of the Journal of Signal Processing Systems on “Top Picks from the SiPS 2010”. This is based on extended versions of selected top 7-10 papers from the conference. The best student paper(s) will win the Bob Owens Memorial Paper Award, which is sponsored by the Journal of Signal Processing Systems.

Important Deadlines
Paper submission April 9 (11:59PM USA Pacific Time)
Acceptance notification June 27
Final version due July 25